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Queue Processing Daemon
for Radio UserLand and UserLand Frontier



Queue Suite for UserLand Frontier and Radio UserLand

The Queue Suite is a queue processing daemon for Frontier and Radio.

A queue daemon processes items one at a time, in the order in which they are received. This is also known as a First In First Out Processing System.

The Queue Suite is used in Conversant, the AttSearchEngine, RCSearch, and various other tools and software produced by Macrobyte.

Read more about the Queue Suite.

Why is it called the "Queue Suite"?

When it was originally written, the Queue Suite lived in the Frontier.root database at suites.queue. Now the Queue Suite lives in its own Guest Database (which makes root-updates possible), but the name lives on. (You don't change your name every time you move, do you?)


The Queue Suite license can be read online. It's also included as part of the download in a file called "license.txt". Finally, you can see it in the Queue.root database in a text object named "#License".

Please read the license before installing the software. We've done our best to make it very easy to understand.


Very simple instructions for installing and uninstalling the Queue Suite are included in the download, in the file ReadMe.txt. You can also read the installation instructions here on the web site.

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