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Queue Processing Daemon
for Radio UserLand and UserLand Frontier

Queue Suite 1.3b2.1


Current Release

The Queue Suite version 1.3b2.1 is available for Userland Frontier™ and Radio UserLand™, on any platform.


The only significant changes in this version are in the installer.

  • A bug in the installer was generating an error message after the installation was complete. It prevented the installation-complete notification from being shown (and showed an error message instead). This did not affect Frontier installations.

  • If you were running a pre-release version of Queue, your root-updates preferences may have been set up incorrectly. This version will check for that and fix it.

If you agree to the license, download one of these files:

Other than the file format, the downloads are identical.

After download, follow the instructions in the included ReadMe.txt file.

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